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Crawling steps and a smile so wide,
Tears behind their face they hide!
Jaded thoughts looking for caring bowers,
Veiling slushy eyes beneath the covers!
The blame shadowing as they walk along,
As if a duty to sing the monotonous song!
Teenagers they are spitfuly called,
Character assumed to be dangerously flawed!
Who is to know the conflict they suffer,
Facing peers and life as it gets tougher!
Thought to have been living on their whims and fancies,
reality pouncing , no signs of peace!
Worried about the elders they everyday face,
waiting one day for them to understand their case!
Afraid of performances that they would miss,
Judgment coated looks depriving away bliss!
Who is to know what they look for every aurora,
An accepting smile replacing the blaming sorrow!
fighting hard to plant smiles as they wander,
Making bonds and feelings for each other fonder.
whiling away they look for supporting shoulders,
Shaky again , searches in vain to find even stronger holders!
Awkward silences speak alot,
A pleading message behind words that rot!
Waiting for the day when the proud father would smile,
blinding rays across miles.





Another day dawns,
but our life still yawns.
The sadness still alive,
with every thought taking a dive!
The complications seem simple,
turning our life into ripples.
Blaming ..yes it helps
soothing away our soul,the inside victim yells!

People around change,
darkening the inner cage,
set free in a dark forest
everyday turns out to be a big test.
Failures deter us,
life becomes a fuss,
life seems to be taking revenge,
a big war to avenge!
Lost in tatters we cry, 
feelings suffer a fry.
Fakeness shows,
seed of hollowness it sows!
Frustrated the world appears a maze,
every moment seems a never ending phase!
Who knows this would stop,
and our feelings would take that hop!
The chopping knives kill me,
irritation comes even from a buzzing bee!
They say life is a mystery solve it,
but it just eats away bit by bit.
Caught in situations we cant justify,
only the breath can be heard full of sighs!
Our very essence changes,
the world just gazes!
Trying to run,escape
but the fears do always gape.
Hope just hope is left,
expectations the theft!
Longing for a big hug,
one who accepts us with our guilt filled jug.
Searching in vain for acceptance,
left only is repentance!
We all our alone..yes its true,
even though the world promises to be our crew!
Fighting alone with our own being,
need someone to do our seiving.
The monotony still continues,
turning into mist life’s hue ūüė¶



Vacations over and now it is time to be busy! Yes, college starts again and a new chapter awaits me. Recollecting my previous year, I know it is going to be really difficult managing my way through the things. Lectures, friends, college formalities, rushing from one place to another and stuff would now become the objectives of my day!. A mere five to six extra chores would be sufficient enough to exhaust me physically!
I pondered again ,  PHYSICALLY!
I wondered about my mind. Is my mind ever tired? And even if it is, how do I relax it? SLEEP maybe! But no, I have these unending dreams and I know my mind is responsible for it. So when does my mind actually rest? The answer is really strange – NEVER!
Searching through the net, I discovered that we create about thirty to forty thousand thoughts on a normal day! The mind is always thinking, something or the other. It is always busy and strange it is, that it never rests, never relaxes! This is maybe because the mind’s function is to think, create thoughts –¬†just like the river – it always flows! . Mind is another name for a reservoir of thoughts seeking fulfillment in something other than itself. If I try to obstruct the path of flowing water with my hand it will find ways to pass. If¬†I put a stronger obstruction a pressure starts building up¬†and as soon as the obstruction is removed the flow begins again but¬†with a HIGHER pressure
and INTENSITY. In a way I cannot control the flow!  Even if I trap some water in an area, the stagnant water starts rotting.Algae and stuff start polluting it. Stagnancy destroys its essence.
Similar is the case with our mind. Controlling thoughts, reaching the stage of complete silence is something not suitable and healthy for my mind, because the mind’s job¬†is to think. I cannot in any way reach the stage of zero thoughts. I cannot deprive my mind of the function it performs. But then again can I just allow my mind to flow and let it keep working its entire life?
We know even the best of the machines need lubrication and some rest to let off the heat they produce.
So what does my mind need to get lubricated and become fresh again. Sleep – yes I can say, as it definitely SLOWS DOWN my mind . But not most of us get the sleep that actually relaxes¬† the mind , to be typical we don’t take that DELTA SLEEP in which our mind actually relaxes. There is the domination of dreams and often disturbed sleeping patterns. In reality we often get up in the morning feeling very tired and exhausted. This is because the mind couldn’t relax even though the body did.¬†So what else would help my mind?
MEDITATION is another solution. But what do we actually mean by MEDITATION? There are a number of theories relating to it.
Some say silence your mind, stop your thoughts¬†and become thoughtless¬†but I believe, even in such a process we are still creating this thought which says ” DON’T THINK”.¬†This “DON’T THINK” is itself a thought which prevents us from reaching the complete silence stage instead it sometimes makes the head feel heavy. Obviously any kind of restriction is sure to create some pressure.
So switching to another theory, there are things like concentrate on your breath. Now what actually happens when you concentrate on your breath? It is actually a successful way in which you fool your mind to concentrate on something else rather than the monotonous string of thoughts, thereby acting as a replacement of the unending WASTE thoughts going in your mind. It slows down our mind surely! But even when we practice this, our mind isn’t able to completely concentrate on the breath. It often switches to its thinking habit. But yes practicing everyday surely would help. Concentration takes time to build up and we need to devote some time to it.
But then another thing stings me. Why is it so difficult to come out of our thinking ways? Why does our mind slip so easily? Why do we need to PRACTICE HARD to make our mind rest?
Maybe because the thoughts that we think are really interesting and engrossing? Or maybe we are very much used to it! It has become a STICKY habit.
So there is one other solution that presents itself! Do something MORE INTERESTING than your endless list of waste thoughts. Think of this, you are babysitting a child. He gets hold of a matchbox or a lighter and refuses to give it to you. You try and explain him that its not safe but the child loves it more than your lectures! so what do you do? You simply give the child a toy which attracts him more. Unaware he drops off the lighter and starts playing with the toy! RIGHT? This actually happens!
So what is the solution that we found? It is REPLACEMENT. Our mind is also like a child. Give it something else to think about and make sure this something else refreshes your mind and drives away its fatigue. The best replacement is POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. Give your mind some really good affirmations as you get up in the morning and just before you sleep. Thoughts like “I AM THE HAPPIEST BEING”, “EVERYBODY LOVES ME” , “MY LIFE IS THE BEST” are thoughts which will actually relax you. It is scientifically proved that the speed of positive thoughts is much slower than negative ones. So when you start thinking positive the mind slows down and reaches the stage of relaxation. Positivity relaxes the mind and provides it the rest that the mind needs. For me this is the definition of MEDITATION , replacing my vicious cycle of thoughts with slower positive ones!

Concluding with a soothing poem,
The Mind plays its games again,
making me wonder if it is a boon or a bane?
Endless thoughts rush rapidly,
Relaxation taking a flee!
I Carry a burden everyday,
Stress having its say!
This now becomes a part of me,
Positivity its key!
A jammed lock  opens up,
Filling freshness in my cup!
A new aura touches my life,
sending into trash the deep knives!
Lighter again I fly higher,
providing me a soothing bower!



Everyone has a dream, an aim in life, right?? We all want to achieve something big in life. But not all of us reach the destination we select for ourselves. Often things like procrastination , lack of hard work, loss of interest act as hindrances to our efforts. Most of the times  we loose track of our journey to success. But what is it that makes us let go of our dreams so easily? The answer I discovered was OUR THOUGHTS.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts will take you.”

What we think most of the time becomes the foundation of our future. The frequency of our thoughts in a day is very high. It ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 thoughts. What we need to focus on is the QUALITY of these thoughts. Until and unless we do not direct these thoughts in the right direction, we won’t be able to achieve it. Our goal should always be alive in our minds. We should be mad about our dreams. A FIRM DETERMINATION is the first step towards achieving something big in life. Secondly the aim that we pursue shouldn’t be a forced one. It must be our own innate DESIRE to work towards it. Only if we have a BURNING DESIRE to achieve our goal, would we be able to put in our conscientious efforts to achieve it. Make that dream your NECESSITY and something to die for. Let the goal occupy your mind always. Let the thought of achieving your goal make you mad. Only when majority of your thoughts are tuned towards achievement will you be able to make it a reality. Thoughts of doubt and failure should be kept at a distance. Do not, by any means doubt your own capability. Thoughts like “will I be able to achieve it?” , “what if I fail” should be brushed off your mind. Only the goal and its achievement should be the food for thought. Make for yourself a VISION BOARD where you daily see your dreams and make efforts to convert it into reality.

The next step that comes is EFFORTS. ¬†Put your soul into whatever you do. Materialise your thoughts into action. As William Hazlitt quotes, “GREAT THOUGHTS REDUCED TO PRACTICE BECOME GREAT ACTS”. He emphasizes the need for hard work and practice. Work upon your firm DETERMINATION and take a step further in achieving your goals. Only practice can give us that inner satisfaction and confidence to work more. Habits like laziness, procrastination act as obstacles to our smooth journey and these must be given up. Don’t let your thoughts waiver and keep them fixed on your goal.

Ending my thoughts with a few lines,

I cleared the picture in my mind,

Decorating them with thoughts so kind,

The goal was set at its highest place,

Glancing upon me on the face!

The chase began as I followed my dreams,

Enlighten by the shining beams,

I followed my heart and took the step,

Brushing away the worries that crept!

A new future now awaits,

Setting for my mind healthier baits! ‚ėļ‚ėļ



How many of you think that you adjust alot with people?? Or like really put up an effort to keep the relation alive? How often do we say things like “I am tired of compromising” , “when will you change?”, “why can’t you be understanding?” , “when will you start acting responsible?” And I can go on! Our complaint box seems to be overflowing sometimes. These relationships are a real headache. But I ponder often upon the irony of relationships. I mean these are meant to make us happy, see the good in life but lately these have been more of a burden than stress busters and relievers! Really tired of the havoc these have created in my life I paused again and analysed. Most of the time the thing that made me unhappy was the way the other person behaved or a habit she/he had. I mean the problem is with THEM not me! But then again I have read quotes like ” people never change ” and similar stuff. I suddenly realised that it has always been like this. No amount of bickering or complaining changes anyone. And the more you tell others how “not so good” they are, the more irritating they become. In a way maybe it is right also! Who likes to be rejected? If someone comes and tells me a hundred reasons why I am not good, I would just be hating that person. Similar to that, when we reject someone it gives them no reason to change for us. Why should they? If I cannot appreciate anything good in them, then why do they need to put up an effort to change? Just so that I can accept them?? Isn’t this so funny?? We are so busy rejecting people that we don’t even realise that we are giving every reason for the relationship to not workout. But yes if I go out of the league and instead of rejecting I start accepting them, maybe they will find a reason to work upon themselves.
So first thing, ACCEPTANCE , deep understanding and seeing their point of view may help, because everyone is right according to their own perspective. Even a criminal has a justification for what he does.
Secondly, we know we have to interact with the same set of people for a long time. We have only two options at our disposal, either I don’t accept them and keep crying about the situation and one day just give up, or I accept them entirely and leave room for some improvement! And even in the second case if they don’t change I wouldn’t be bothered because I already accepted them!
Third thing, what is the use if the other person changes? They we will one day just walk off our life, what will there changing do to us? We only became all the more dependent on people changing for my happiness and that won’t happen every time!
So what I realised was that there are hundreds of people who are rejecting hundreds of others, but somewhere what we all need is people who accept! Let’s start the thing with us. There maybe many who are waiting for my acceptance. Let’s accept every person that we meet and leave behind things like judgement, criticism and gossiping. There is a lot to learn from people around us. Let’s learn the good and let go off the bad! ACCEPTANCE has a lot of positive attached with it. When we send the person next to us an energy of acceptance we send them this gift of positivity. The law of karma will bring this back to us. So for the future good lets today pledge to start the cycle of good wishes and acceptance. ‚ėļ

I smiled at him despite his mistake,
Ignored the past full of fake,
He smiled again and turned his life,
Cutting the bad with a powerful knife!
A changed being now awaits me,
Beyond imperfections I can see.
The smile was powerful indeed,
Washing away the selfish greed!
Happier are the smiles which now we share,
Sprinkled with a sparkling flair.

The touch worked its magic again,
Washing away a lifetime bane!
I am happy that I smiled that day,
And left room for the chance that lay!!

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A cleaning campaign began in my house, as my mother directed each member of the family towards some cleaning. I snorted at the site of my almirah and regretted not maintaining it in a clean manner throughout the year. Now I had to put an extra effort and clean the things up. As I opened it up, a huge lot of things fell over me. The belongings now took the floor too, making the scene all the more messy. It seemed as if I had all the more dirtied the place. The mess of the almirah had conquered the floor. It took me nearly two hours categorizing the things, discarding the waste ones and rearranging the useful ones back again in the almirah.
After those stressful two hours I smiled proudly at my achievement. I had finally done it. The impossible task which I had been procrastinating since months, was now done beautifully.
A physical cleaning up session had given me so much of satisfaction. I wondered at the satiety a personal emotional cleaning would provide. But then again I thought! There were a hundred of things in my attitude that had always made me feel guilty, whether that be a mood swing, or a rigid way of behaving, Or a habit that had too much power over my ability to control the same. I mean there were so many things about myself that I had been trying to overcome. It is not that, that I didn’t want to heal myself but why weren’t things working up. Why hadn’t the cleaning be successful. I pondered again at the almirah thing. Maybe I was just seeing the mess, the untidiness of my habit!! This mess made me too weak to clean up. And even if I had begun my cleaning I never could wait for those two hours for the mess to clear up.
I always was too overwhelmed with the mess that I failed to see the cleaning up I had already done. I realised that feeling guilty about some personality trait of mine was the first step towards cleaning myself. But eliminating the habit completely too would take some time. Similar to the almirah anecdote where the mess appeared to double up as I opened it, this trait of ours becomes more visible to us as we try and clean it up. And maybe this fact brings in more disappointment in us, in a way weakening us. What I realised was that we have to wait and continue with our efforts of cleaning up until we achieve it. We shouldn’t be disheartened by the repeated mistakes we do even after realising them. We need to continue our effort of organizing ourselves. Because what appears to be may not always be ¬†the reality. To build a more beautiful building we have to destroy the previous one giving way to a shabby outlook. But soon we know we will transform this mess into a beautiful thing altogether. Exactly like this we should not loose hope in times when we cannot commit to a transformation. Instead we should denote our full time to it and wait patiently for the result. We would definitely be able to conquer our habits and moods, we just need to focus on the future that we are creating and not brood over the misguiding present that we see!!

Ending my thoughts with a poem,

The mess around disheartens,
None of my sins it pardons,
I know I have tried my best,
Why do I continue to fail the test?
Maybe then I realize,
It takes time to break the messed up ties!
No doubt the darkness disheartens,
But life isn’t all about closed up cartons!
I need to believe in the light that is to come,
And not let my feelings go numb!!
It has to rain before the rainbow shows,
A future in it sows!
Believe in the future of your dreams,
Wait before the unravelling of the beautiful realms!


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This is the time of instant success, instant cooking, instant love and so on..thereby creating a need for instant happiness. HAA seriously?? ūüėÄ ..I mean like literally? …when you are in the midst of crisis…I mean right at the centre of it …how can I even afford a smile?? I have no right over it !! …seriously??..think again..which soul in the world is holding your cheek resisting you from giving even a fake smile ?? ..who has the power?? WHO???…the answer is no one. We need to realise that even in an adverse situation like take for example “being on a gun point” …now that is something real forceful….you have the CHOICE to die or do something that the other demands…you consciously CHOOSE to fulfill their demand …there,You CHOOSE …recogonise this …once again I say you possess this power of CHOICE !! Simple..not so difficult..but the question again arises why then does the SITUATION,PERSON,DISASTER dominate over me. Just try and see where does their control lie?.. my answer would be on my physical thing !! Yeah thats the end of it…all of these namely people,situation and disaster excercise control only till the physical and after that IT IS ME WHO ALLOWS THEM TO CONTROL. Our lives today I would say are ruined just because i am ready to be a REMOTE CONTROL. THERE!!! this is the problem . I am a remote control. And may I ask why?Maybe because we are used to it..and why are we used to it? maybe because we have never pondered over the ultimate power that our mind possesses…and what power am I talking about? It is the power to CHANGE! To let go off my regular way of living and thinking …and creating a thought that is different from the regular ….that possesses the power to heal me…I need a conscient thought …that YES I will not let the crisis dominate over me. DO NOT LET ANYTHING PHYSICAL OUTSIDE control the emotional you. YOUR MIND should go by YOUR INDEPENDENT THOUGHTS.

Just a simple fact …”I have more power than the other can pretend to show!! ”

So right in the middle of crisis … just STOP and take the control in your hands …create your ORIGINAL thoughts…free of that crisis…and the result?? INSTANT HAPPINESS ūüôā

Before I wind up I would like to present some self composed lines:

In moments of despair,

don’t hesitate to share,

the happiness awaits your arrival,

a moment when you let go of the trivial!

choice again lying in your hands,

free of all bonding bands,

transfer the power back to you,

and articulate a colorful hue!!

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