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Crawling steps and a smile so wide,
Tears behind their face they hide!
Jaded thoughts looking for caring bowers,
Veiling slushy eyes beneath the covers!
The blame shadowing as they walk along,
As if a duty to sing the monotonous song!
Teenagers they are spitfuly called,
Character assumed to be dangerously flawed!
Who is to know the conflict they suffer,
Facing peers and life as it gets tougher!
Thought to have been living on their whims and fancies,
reality pouncing , no signs of peace!
Worried about the elders they everyday face,
waiting one day for them to understand their case!
Afraid of performances that they would miss,
Judgment coated looks depriving away bliss!
Who is to know what they look for every aurora,
An accepting smile replacing the blaming sorrow!
fighting hard to plant smiles as they wander,
Making bonds and feelings for each other fonder.
whiling away they look for supporting shoulders,
Shaky again , searches in vain to find even stronger holders!
Awkward silences speak alot,
A pleading message behind words that rot!
Waiting for the day when the proud father would smile,
blinding rays across miles.




However much tragic  or wonderful our life is, we are always hideous about ourselves, about our feelings. We tend to bottle up ourselves not giving the other even a hint of the reality. We are so busy pretending that somewhere we ourselves loose track of the reality playing the game of SELF HYPNOSIS! A state in which we play our game of life with extreme seriousness, disguising ourselves from our own weakness, as well as from our enemy or rival. Not only others we ourselves start ignoring the weaknesses we have, trying to pull off a mask that shines by its cover. But wonderfully said ” never judge the book by its cover”. If I am a bubbly, chirpy kinds on the outside, it doesn’t imply that I am a blessed soul on the inside as well!, If I am silent on the outside doesn’t imply I am satisfied on the inside too! We all have our list of traumas and sad times whether these come from our family, friends , professional life or sometimes from ourselves only! But yes the real fooling comes when we label ourselves to be strong by pulling up a smile on our face even in the wake of adverse times. Is that really being strong? By bottling up my weaknesses or  sorrows, giving myself an inner satisfaction that yes I am a VICTIM , I am bearing all this alone and stuff! NO! The reality lies in the fact that this is nothing more than FOOLING around. And yes I am proudly a member of it! The reason I have been doing this my entire life is because this VICTIM zone , this SAD zone has turned into my COMFORT ZONE. Its difficult , nae , IMPOSSIBLE to leave the victim me! But that is where the real strength lies! Strength lies in coming out of the hypnosis, facing reality! Being open about who you are and what you face.
“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.”
I just passed upon this quote and voila! Loved it 🙂
Often vulnerability is the reason why I disguise myself. Even when I actually discuss my weakness or my problem with someone a guilt attitude starts riding up. I am worried that  either I would be looked upon by a sympathetic eye or would be attacked by a ferocious eye targeting my vulnerabilities. Either way its difficult ! Yes again I say its DIFFICULT . And DIFFICULT in my dictionary is synonymous to STRENGTH.
We all have had difficult times and we know these have made us stronger. Expressing yourselves is not making yourselves weak. It means you give the other person the full power to destroy you, you reveal every sensitive detail about yourself , you show them your plan so that they can target you in the best way possible ! But  remember attacks are never done without the other’s defense. If you have the power to reveal yourself and your situation to someone outside ( which really takes a lot of power) you have a higher strength of protecting yourself! A highly equipped army never attacks on a weak base, It looks for EQUAL competition! Therefore in case the other person threatens you with their attack, remember you have a higher power of defending yourself! If you can easily make yourselves vulnerable you can also protect yourselves. Maybe you aren’t prepared but deadlines and emergencies have the potential to guide the impossible.  Think of a disease that hits your town. No  one has ever heard about it and there is no cure to it. People start dying because of this. A state of emergency builds up , the doctors start working on it. And sooner or later a drug is invented which can combat the disease. Similar to this, it may take time to protect yourselves but sooner or later you will be able to do it. One day the cure that you will find will leave you stronger and more immune to such emotional disasters. So in case you discuss with someone any of your problems or any of your weakness don’t take think of it as a vulnerability, instead take it as a strength that you had the strength to reveal yourselves in the real way you are.
But this doesn’t mean that you always need to discuss. A higher strength lies in pulling up a smile on the outside and working upon yourself on the inside. Inner healing is superior to all! Working upon your weakness and your problems and to be able to come out of the trauma completely on your own will power and determination is the real strength ! And until you aren’t able to do so drive the physical negatives away from your life and stay around positive ones!
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 Saddened again I cry hard,
A cruel message on my card.
life takes it revenge,
 a ferocious war to avenge.
A shoulder appears,resting upon it I cry,
but soon it takes a leave, a scornful bye!
and then the knives point at me,
everywhere that I see!
Fighting hard I put an effort,
killing negativities of anger and hurt!
A stronger warrior now challenging the world,
The shooters all knurled!
yes the strength triumphs again,
losses multiplying into gains!



How many of you think that you adjust alot with people?? Or like really put up an effort to keep the relation alive? How often do we say things like “I am tired of compromising” , “when will you change?”, “why can’t you be understanding?” , “when will you start acting responsible?” And I can go on! Our complaint box seems to be overflowing sometimes. These relationships are a real headache. But I ponder often upon the irony of relationships. I mean these are meant to make us happy, see the good in life but lately these have been more of a burden than stress busters and relievers! Really tired of the havoc these have created in my life I paused again and analysed. Most of the time the thing that made me unhappy was the way the other person behaved or a habit she/he had. I mean the problem is with THEM not me! But then again I have read quotes like ” people never change ” and similar stuff. I suddenly realised that it has always been like this. No amount of bickering or complaining changes anyone. And the more you tell others how “not so good” they are, the more irritating they become. In a way maybe it is right also! Who likes to be rejected? If someone comes and tells me a hundred reasons why I am not good, I would just be hating that person. Similar to that, when we reject someone it gives them no reason to change for us. Why should they? If I cannot appreciate anything good in them, then why do they need to put up an effort to change? Just so that I can accept them?? Isn’t this so funny?? We are so busy rejecting people that we don’t even realise that we are giving every reason for the relationship to not workout. But yes if I go out of the league and instead of rejecting I start accepting them, maybe they will find a reason to work upon themselves.
So first thing, ACCEPTANCE , deep understanding and seeing their point of view may help, because everyone is right according to their own perspective. Even a criminal has a justification for what he does.
Secondly, we know we have to interact with the same set of people for a long time. We have only two options at our disposal, either I don’t accept them and keep crying about the situation and one day just give up, or I accept them entirely and leave room for some improvement! And even in the second case if they don’t change I wouldn’t be bothered because I already accepted them!
Third thing, what is the use if the other person changes? They we will one day just walk off our life, what will there changing do to us? We only became all the more dependent on people changing for my happiness and that won’t happen every time!
So what I realised was that there are hundreds of people who are rejecting hundreds of others, but somewhere what we all need is people who accept! Let’s start the thing with us. There maybe many who are waiting for my acceptance. Let’s accept every person that we meet and leave behind things like judgement, criticism and gossiping. There is a lot to learn from people around us. Let’s learn the good and let go off the bad! ACCEPTANCE has a lot of positive attached with it. When we send the person next to us an energy of acceptance we send them this gift of positivity. The law of karma will bring this back to us. So for the future good lets today pledge to start the cycle of good wishes and acceptance. ☺

I smiled at him despite his mistake,
Ignored the past full of fake,
He smiled again and turned his life,
Cutting the bad with a powerful knife!
A changed being now awaits me,
Beyond imperfections I can see.
The smile was powerful indeed,
Washing away the selfish greed!
Happier are the smiles which now we share,
Sprinkled with a sparkling flair.

The touch worked its magic again,
Washing away a lifetime bane!
I am happy that I smiled that day,
And left room for the chance that lay!!

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Tears filled his eyes, as he saw me howling and bursting out my vocal chords.With a sense of disbelief and helplessness , he lowered his voice and looked at me calmly.

” Everything will be fine ” He said,  clasping his hands around my face and burrying it in his chest .

Five minutes ago I was yelling at him , blurting out my frustration about everything bad that was happening to me and just some seconds later , this man , who had masked up as a strict father for a mere  5 minute duration , turned back to be what he had always been to me, my entire life ….. MY STRENGTH.

You know everytime I show up this frustrated side of me , he comes by to comfort me …to back me up making me stronger to face the sad part of this world .

Thats my dad . My best friend, my well wisher  and whom no one can ever in this world compete !!

It is said that the daughter-father relationship is the closest and truely it happens to be true. We often see girls today getting inked with the DADDY’S GIRL  thing, obviously pointing to the boundless love that develops between the two. In a guy’s life it is the FATHER in whose image the son idolises himself  .

Whatever maybe your gender, its your father who makes you what you are today .Whether you share that bond of closeness or not, whether you meet regularly or not, whether you talk in the same way as you did long back  or not…all of us know that he cares! Yes this angel always cares. Just like the main root of a tree, he holds the family in the way it is. Selfless dedication, love and understanding towards his children have always been the jewels of fatherhood.

As I sit back today reflecting over the zillions of things he sacrificed for me…a remembrance sprouts over my innocent childhood. Its the time I realize that debates have replaced the morning goodbye kisses…Fights have replaced thank you cards ….and our independence has replaced those tiny fingers grabbing his pants for direction .

Change is inevitable , I know that! I cannot bring that time back, when my dad’s shoulder was my favourite place, going home and reciting all my day’s experiences was my life’s  greatest excitement, bringing him a glass of water was my highest satisfaction , seeing him sit in the audience and clap for me , my highest  honour, but yes the real beauty still remains! The beauty of the present! Though we have diverged alot in thoughts, facts , experiences, relationships etc but still it is strange how the the bond never ceases to exist. In the depths of hearts, whether we express it or not we still have the same care, the same image about each other. Our relation is not clouded by any fights or the amount of interactionwe have everyday. We still believe in each other the way we used to 10 years back! So the real beauty is still intact😊

Truely a father is a hero. Let us Thank him for the values that he has instilled in us and made us what we are today, for the endless patience towards our mocking tantrums, for showering us with unending blessings, for believing in us and yes the most important FOR BEING WITH US.

Irrespective of the circumstance he faces he always finds a way to give his children those wings which will make them fly higher and higher, higher than even him. We are all blessed to have him in our lives, lets thank him for all his selfless love and care and yes  promise him that whatever maybe are the plans of destiny for us I promise to stand by you, supporting you in times good and not so good! I know I would never in my life be able to return whatever you have done for me but yes I will try to give you your share of happiness . I would always be a dutiful daughter and make you feel proud always


I dedicate to you some lines

The cloudy world dizzed me,
But you always knew the key,
And yes the magic worked always,
Turning me into the brightest face.
You patted me, you hugged me,
No charging no fee!
I wonder at the beauty that still remains,
Blessing me with soothing rains.
Stunned i stand and watch the shine,
What is it that makes you mine?
Father they say, is that true?
Or are you my most intense hue?
Yes I promise the love won’t ever decrease,
The bond would never cease!