My phone beeped as I got another memory full reminder. Searching through the file manager I searched for videos and photos that I could delete. Some of the media I hadn’t even seen. As I clicked onto one of the videos it gave me an option panel so as to select the software required to run it. After I made the selection another panel appeared which asked whether I always wanted to play such files with the selected software or just this time.
I selected the “always” option as I didn’t want to be bothered again by such a selection.  I continued my ordeal of viewing and deleting the waste and keeping the useful. In the process I stumbled upon a video which didn’t play in the player I had earlier selected. I didn’t know how to change it because the options no more appeared ( a consequence of my “always” choice ) . I felt helpless and regretted the automatic choice I had taken. Not wasting more of  my time in filtering my phone I smashed it on the sofa and left the place.
I headed towards the kitchen , the  string of thoughts still continuing in my mind and unmindful of what to do next with my life , opened the refrigerator door and stared. I didn’t know for what I had done it, maybe to look for something to eat  or pass my time or what! I just stood there and STARED. I closed it and searched for the TV remote-my next solace. But in that too I just kept flipping the channels nowhere to stop and judge what I wanted to see or do. Two minutes later I was standing in front of the refrigerator door and staring again at the contents inside. I suddenly realized that this was the second time I had opened it without any clear thought or motive. I mean I didn’t even THINK before getting up and landing at the same place for the second time. WAIT! How can I do something without thinking? And strange it was that I felt that almost 90% of the actions I perform everyday are without apparent thinking! I mean most of the time I don’t even think about the task that I do. Right from the route I follow to reach my college to the breakfast I order in the college canteen , everything is automated! I don’t think and guide myself in doing many things, all just happens! My mind and body are rarely together. Most of me is automated. My actions no longer seek my permission or ask me the way to do things. And that is what later becomes my habit!. Right HABIT!
What is basically a habit? It is automated way of working. Whenever we have to do something our mind works in three steps.
First a thought sprouts  about a particular task. This thought is then CONSIDERED by the mind and a judgment  is made whether the thought has to be followed or not. After the mind gives its decision our body is directed towards the action.
Take for example you are in an exam and you have a really difficult and important exam paper in front of you. You desperately feel the desire to cheat a particular answer but the problem is that you have never cheated in an exam before. So you happen to fall in a dilemma where you have to choose either your career or your values.
So in this instance the THOUGHT is “Should I cheat?” and this thought is given to the mind for judgment. The mind decides and makes a decision .  Say the decision is in favor of cheating and a justification follows justifying the decision the mind takes. So the decision goes “Its okay to cheat. I am doing it for the first time because its my need otherwise my future may get destroyed”. And the action taken is cheating!
Now the second time you are sitting for an exam and in a similar situation the time you take for the decision making is comparatively less as you have earlier faced a similar situation. So the second time also the mind approves the task of cheating but with a comparatively lesser thinking .
But by the fifth time you are faced with the same situation you skip the second step and directly commit the action of cheating as you have justified yourself many times before! Whenever you are placed in a situation similar to this you just think of cheating and act directly without taking the decision or judging your thought.
This process in which we skip the judgment part and directly act on the basis of previous experiences it is called a habit. HABITS are an embodiment of the automated way of working!
images (3)
As far as the daily chores are concerned these habits don’t really matter but when it comes to our behavior these play a major role. If someone tells me you are short tempered I mostly retort by saying that this is my way of working and I wont CHANGE. Its my habit.
And strange enough we all have our belief systems rigid enough to tell us that habits don’t change!
But we just realized that habits are nothing but actions which skipped the decision making part. So changing a habit means realizing the second step again!
But the real problem is that we make the habit OURS. We associate the habit with our personality. What we don’t realize is that it is something that I have ACQUIRED and not something that I always had. I consciously CHOSE a way of doing things and I still possess the power to ALTER it.
If I am addicted to smoking doesn’t mean I should start calling myself a SMOKER, because the moment you do so you start owning the habit more and gradually you start skipping the first step as well and you don’t even think before you take out a cigarette and start smoking it. The thought part also skips. What you are left with is action.
What we need to realize is that before I start owning the habit or sticking it to me I need to JUDGE! I need to pay attention to the second step again and make a decision that whether I need to continue with it or not. If I have the habit of crying at every small disaster that hits me doesn’t imply I have to call myself emotional. Its a habit and it is different from me. Just like the dress you wear is different and separate from your body and can be changed whenever you are willing to do so, similarly habits are different from me and there is no need to identify with them. You can change them when you will to.
There should be times when we should come out of our automated system and assess ourselves and our habits otherwise the ALWAYS feature may act as a trouble for us. So before approving your thoughts and taking decision, think carefully because these become habits and a way of thinking and changing them requires an extra effort plus extra time. Stop every morning to analyze the words that you use for yourselves and change them these in any way harm your personality. Not only this pay close attention to the thoughts you approve everyday as these become your lifetime labels.
images (4)
The pencil writes leaving an impression,
  presenting to me a lifetime suggestion,
 the past reveals itself in the future pages,
leaving a mark for ages!
yes my decision today,
will take its say,
And shine above my intellect,
my knowledge and my every fact!
I am not a servant whom habits can dictate,
I am their master designing my fate!
 Appearances are deceptive- yes its true,
depend on your yourself as there is no crew!
CHANGE what shows to the world,
A victorious flag higher in its position hurled!
images (2)



  1. Interesting read and well said Mridul. What most of us really lack is the ability to question ourselves. This is one thing that we must take away from our childhood. As a child, we question on even the most simplest of things because we want to know about them. As we grow, this tends to go away. As I have previously written in one of my work that the fine line between faith and blind faith is this question ‘Why’. If we logically think about our actions and the actions of those people who surround us then the answers we achieve will really bring about a positive change within ourselves. Anyways, you have provided some strong points here so keep up the great work and I am glad to stumble upon this blog of yours. Best wishes and warm regards.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. God you write so well…that poem or quote about the pencil mark is yours??…young women I tell you you are very wise… ok… look that is one thing about life that we should not get too complacent or mundane, we lose creativity and get bored and I agree with lables…sometimes society imposes these labels to you and it happened in my case… I was called stupid by everyone in school since young age.. teachers thought I was, parents thought, many others thought so and I acquired and believed I was stupid… I thought I cannot learn cycling because I don’t have the brains or something for a long while though at times I did quite well in some aspects but overall na I was stupid… my behaviour became subdued, timid, underconfident and never took risks all small things things I thought I cannot do so never did the big things… and in this competitive world that sort of person goes down… and even now compared to the world I seem quite unaccomplished so imagine even less than avarage… but I realized lets not think about it though the past is evidence of my stupidity… so labels are uncool… people have the potential to go mountains… and you do conquer over a thought by doing a action to prove the thought wrong things change… for ex, after I went trekking this year(moderate trek) and climbed over a mountain I felt I was very strong, though I know it was a feeling…so depends… thinking objectively about something will give you excellent picture…anyway I am boring you…you have writen well… its better we do useful things, instead of automated things…sometimes even when I know I am bored seeing the computer and I need a break, I don’t even though my productive ability has come down seeing the computer all day…so nice points… and I don’t believe anyone is stupid, they just don’t know how to think… it may come when they do tasks bringing their thinking ability out..anyway blabering

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha I really loved the way you poured your heart out. Let me tell you it wasn’t boring at all, instead I loved the fact that you identified yourself with the things i wrote so thanks a lot for reading 🙂 And yes labels today are totally uncool , i mean it is just an appearance or the glass through which the other sees you ( you might want to read TINTED VIEWS- one of my previous articles).Really it was great reading your opinion and as far as blabbering is concerned I am myself a very talkative person and in a way loved you !! 😀 And yes that poetry is mine, I love to write poems and stuff . Thanks for appreciating my work and a bigger thanks for your lovely response 🙂


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